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Carly Glover

It is a privilege to hold this role with Jersey Cares. It breaks my heart that children can move from a tricky situation at home to a ‘system’ where too often bureaucracy and processes don’t leave enough room for a secure childhood. There are great examples of tenacious people who help create such a childhood and we need to learn from those examples just as we need to acknowledge and address the repetitious and predictable flaws in the current ‘system’.

I believe fervently that it is possible, here in Jersey, for ‘care’ to be excellent. It is my strongest hope that Jersey Cares is a catalyst for more people to support more children to be loved and cared for and that ‘care’, in Jersey, is shaped by deep reflection on lived experience.

I have worked in community development for 20 years; 10 of those in leadership roles. I’ve worked with people experiencing homelessness, domestic violence, struggling with literacy and being a parent and co-created projects with people affected by these issues. I hold a Post-graduate certificate and a Masters in Community Education from the University of Edinburgh.

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