People with Experience of Care

Who We Are

Who We Are

What is Jersey Cares?

We are an organisation for, and by, people with experience of care, and friends who care about this issue. Our vision is love, belonging and opportunity for people with experience of care.

We are an independent organisation. We listen to you and make sure the people who make decisions about your life listen to what matters to you. You are our boss and we will only share what you want us to. This is called ‘advocacy’.

You might live on-island or off-island, be aged seven or seventy. It doesn’t matter, we can help you.

What do you mean by 'experience of care'?

We use the words ‘experience of care’ to describe children, young people and adults who are currently or have been ‘looked after’ whether for a short time or a lifetime. This means you live or did live in/with:

Foster care

Residential care

Supported accommodation

‘Secure’ care

Mums and/or dads but have a social worker

Extended family or friends

If you aren’t sure whether or not we can help you – please ask!

How can Jersey Cares help?

We can help in many different ways:


Listening to what matters to you, we make sure you know your rights, that you are heard and that people respond.


Listening to what you like, we organise fun activities and provide ways for people in the community to help.


Listening to what you want to change, we create opportunities to drive those changes. These are creative and fun!