Advocacy Request

How to Request Advocacy

Requesting advocacy for yourself


If you would like to request advocacy, or find out more about it, text us, call us or email us on:


01534 509896

07700 722011

[email protected]


Or send us a message through our Contact Page



Professionals requesting advocacy

If you would like to request advocacy on someone’s behalf, please fill in the Advocacy Request Form below.


Return completed forms to [email protected]. You should hear from us within 5 working days, if you do not, please call 07700 722011. If the need is more urgent, please note this on the form.

If you work for the States of Jersey, please return the form via Egress.


If you do not work for the States of Jersey, please password protect the document and ring the number below to share the password with us. Or if you would prefer, please call or email us so we can complete the advocacy request over the phone.


The Advocacy Request Form will open in a new tab in your browser.

Please download and save the form, then open it with a PDF editor.

If you fill in the form in your browser, the changes will not be saved.