Professionals, Carers & Parents


Independent advocacy is about speaking up with, or for, an individual based on what they want or need. It’s a way to help people have a stronger voice and as much control as possible over their own lives. Advocacy is an equal partnership between the young person and their Jersey Cares advocate. We can help them speak to those making decisions about their lives or support them with anything else on their mind.

We can work with all children, young people and adults who have experience of care, from the age of five.

  • The young person or adult themselves.
  • Any social worker or other professional (e.g. a teacher or youth worker).
  • Parents or carers.
  • Ensures their views are heard and genuinely taken into account.
  • Helps them understand what is happening and have a say about their own life.
  • Builds their confidence to make decisions and speak up.
  • Lets them know what their rights are and how to protect them.
  • Builds self-esteem and confidence as they realise they have a strong voice.

Early! Advocacy is distinct from other professional relationships in that it’s function is to support the person to be heard as they navigate the bureaucracy of care. If advocacy is offered later in someone’s ‘care journey’ it makes take-up less likely as the child may already have a large number of professionals in their life.

Evidence suggests young people often wish to know about advocacy early so they can make an informed decision about whether they need it. They want to hear about advocacy early in their care journey and for it to be discussed regularly.

We respect young people’s confidentiality and will only share what they ask us to. The exception is if they tell us something that makes us think they – or someone else – may not be safe. In this case, we have to share this information with others involved in their care. We’ll always let a young person know if we have to pass on information. We’ll also explain what may happen next and support them throughout the process.

Please download and complete our advocacy request form and we’ll get back to you within five working days (usually sooner). If you work for the Government of Jersey, please return the form via Egress.

Any problems with the request form, please contact us.


Download our advocacy leaflet to learn more about how we help young people.

You can find the agreements between Jersey Cares and Children’s Social Care Services in this flipbook.