People with Experience of Care


Your Voice Matters

You may have things you want to say, things you want to happen or questions you’d like to ask. These could be about a big change which is coming up, seeing your family more, what’s happening at school, a hobby you’d like to take up or funding for something you would like to do.

Advocacy means getting support to have your say. If you have things to say about your life that you want adults to listen to, we can help make sure YOUR voice is heard.


All young people have rights. Our advocates can let you know what these are and help make sure your rights are put into action. Your voice has real power and can make a big difference! What YOU have to say matters.

An advocate is someone who can help you get across what you want others to hear so you have as much control as possible over your own life. They can help you to speak up with confidence or they can speak on your behalf if this is what you want. Advocacy is also confidential so your advocate won’t share what you say with others unless you ask them to.


If your advocate thinks you, or someone you tell them about, isn’t safe they may have to speak to someone else. Your advocate will let you know about this first.

We’re not lawyers. We use ‘advocate’ to mean a person who’ll listen to you and make sure others hear your views. A Jersey Cares advocate may have experience in community development, counselling or other professions which involving listening to people and making positive change.

To find out more, please contact us. If you’d like advocacy, you can complete an advocacy request or call us and we can complete it with you. Alternatively, you can ask an adult in your life to request advocacy for you. Just show them this page. There are several partner organisations that may be able to help too. You can find them on our Friends page.

Download our advocacy leaflet to learn more about how we can help you.