People with Experience of Care

Your Rights

Understand Your Entitlements

The point of advocacy is to make sure YOU are heard and that YOUR RIGHTS are understood by you, by professionals around you and are upheld.

You have rights! Some of these are in law. That means the Government has to do those things and if they do not they can be challenged by lawyers. Some are in policy. That means people who work in Government have to do them. If they do not happen, these can be challenged with a complaint. Others are in guidance. That means professionals should do these things. There are different ways to challenge this.

Click on the icons below to learn about your rights living in Jersey. If you would like to know more about these rights or any other rights please contact us.


International children’s rights the Government has a ‘duty’

to do

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Support Entitlement for Children in Care

What support you can expect while in care

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Guide for Young People Leaving Care

What support you can expect aged 18 – 25

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Accessing Case Files

Your rights when you ask for what is written about you

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Education is a human right! Learn about yours

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Financial Support

What the Government promises to pay for

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Foster Care

Explaining foster care

and your rights

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Your rights to good

health care

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Your rights to a safe,

loving home

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